Knowledge is Power! A Wikipedia Life Pro Tip

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Do you love Wikipedia? Want to learn something new every day?  Here’s a life pro tip for those who answered “yes” to both questions (or one, or neither I guess).  The link is on this page a couple of times, but it’s at the bottom really big if you missed it.

This is a pretty awesome resource for acquiring quick tidbits on Kate Bush or the History of the Super Nintendo console, but have you ever used it as a general learning tool?  I was on the internet maybe a year ago, and somebody had mentioned they have Wikipedia set as their homepage so they can look up things whenever they wanted.

I thought, wow, having Wikipedia as my homepage would be pretty awesome.  The problem is, if you don’t know what to look up you won’t learn anything new.  Well, there’s a “random article” button, so using that as the homepage would be awesome!  You’re actually taken directly to a random article every time you bring up your browser.  I thought that idea was pretty cool, but it would always bring me to things like “Telephone Numbers in Melilla” or “List of Indoor Arenas in Nordic Countries”.  Mildly interesting, but not exactly the kind of knowledge I was hoping to gain. But them I found a URL that takes you to a featured article. Now we’re talking!

Let’s give it a shot. Here are the first five results I received.

1. Guinea Pig –

2. – Herrerasaurus (AKA Cool-ass Dinosaur)

3. – B-52 Crash from 1994 (interesting)

4. – Lactarius Indigo (weird mushroom)

5. – Autobiography of Malcolm X –


Not bad!  I feel smarter already!


So again, the link is:


Just set that as your homepage and let the knowledge flow!

 Edit:  If this doesn’t work, you can also try using

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