Minimalist Social Media?

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Update: Like anything decent in this world (, Grooveshark, etc), has shut down. Back to the drawing board… See the related blog post HERE.

Have you ever been posted an article online and said “This.” in agreement? is a new social media platform described as ‘a place to find and share the web’s best entertainment, art and journalism’, so you can post those “This-worthy” articles with ease.

But, you can share just one link a day with your friends and followers, so use your “This.” wisely.

This is a refreshing new spin on social media; however, it’s still invite-only and in ‘private beta’ for the time being. The site limits the amount of posts one can make in a day to just one. Scary. The idea may be that having such a strict posting limit will allow for only the best content to be shared, rather than having users spewing out anything and everything in order to gain followers (looking at you, Twitter users).

I was curious enough to search for an invite, and eventually found one. Upon signing in, the first thing I noticed was the minimalistic theme the site uses. Mostly all white, black, and gray, there’s really not a lot going on.  To many users, who are becoming increasingly wary of overly bloated webpages, filled with advertisements and pop-up boxes, etc, the minimal simplicity of This is a breath of fresh air.

I’m in.  Woo!

all button

Of course, none of my Twitter friends use the site, so I’m sitting at an embarrassing zero followers. The “Staff Favorites” aren’t really all that interesting, though I did follow The Nib and the Wall Street Journal anyway.

Clicking on “My Shelf” shows the articles I’ve shared using the “This” bookmark bar in Google Chrome, which was surprisingly easy to install and start using.

my shelf

The coolest part of the site, especially for people who don’t have any followers of their own, is the “All” button, which shows recently “this’d” articles, followed by a small comment of their own about their choice. The articles I’ve seen so far have all been mostly high quality. This must be because people are only allowed one “this” a day, so they don’t want to waste it.

So until I find people to follow me, I can still use the site.  Awesome.

washington post

I said “Thanks” to this guy for telling me to be alone more.  Thanks.  

This. also has an app on iOS that acts as a reader as well. It features the same minimalist style as the webpage, but it functions smoothly and with ease.  I won’t go into specifics, but if you have an account, the app is a great supplement to your This’ing.

Overall, I can definitely see this site becoming very popular, especially for people who value learning and education.  I would like to see more readers and writers using the site.

Of course, invites are often posted to Twitter, so keep an eye on @THISdotcm or try to find someone with an account it you would like an invite (unfortunately I have not received any yet, so don’t bother). If you already have an account, you may find me at

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