If You Weren’t in Love with Jim and Them Already, You’re About to be

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If you were looking for why you might love Chris Hemsworth and got here on accident, you were looking for this article.


Just in case you weren’t already obsessed with comedy podcast Jim and Them, here’s one more reason you should be.



Jim and Them 4-eva

You just couldn’t help clicking on an article with a title like that, could you? I don’t know if Jim and Them are on Forbes Magazine or if they’re rich, but I do know one thing: they’re good dads. Jim Scampoli, Jeff Murphy, Jake Sprague, and Joe Berry (and formerly Mike Steele) have taught me to talk like a black guy in the best possible way. Lately they’ve been having a drama-filled feud with Dan Brown or Harmond Hall or somebody. Maybe it was Dan Harmon. Somebody.  Either way they didn’t get their jingle and that’s bullshit, man.

These guys are always up to date on the latest and greatest in entertainment and pop culture. Their real fans are always on live chat during the show and they often communicate with these people. The content is amazingly vulgar and filthy, but never unclassy.  Their classic bit [name pending] offers advice and amazing insight on some of the worlds most important questions.  Now that you love them too, here’s some info on when and where you can listen to their show.

So if you want to get schooled on pop-culture, listen to these four men who are pop-culture. Jim and Them. Follow them on Facebook and listen to them on Livestream every Friday at 7PM Pacific / 9PM Central time.  The show is also on Stitcher Radio and iTunes.  Check it out now.

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