“I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef – Song Review

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Song Review – “I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef

It works best if you listen to the song while you read the review… To get the full effect.

A tale of sneak dissers and popped bitches, “I Don’t Like” by Chief Keef is a deeply philosophical tale about life in a low-income neighborhood.  In a world of phony gangsters, Keef finds a group of loyal homies who he can spend his hard-earned money with.  Some time later, he crosses paths with an attractive woman who he regularly smokes hydroponically-grown marijuana with.  To him, he is the real world Alejandro Sosa, but Keef doesn’t appreciate it when people give information about him to the police.  He and his crew are so prosperous, the aforementioned snitch’s girlfriend wants to have sexual relations with all of them.  In the song, he warns that if a snitch threatens him in any way, they won’t be fighting with their fists, but instead with live firearms.  Keef had already been arrested multiple times for selling drugs (and also, perhaps, for aiming a gun at a policeman), so he continues by saying, no matter what, he’ll never snitch on those he is loyal to.  “I Don’t Like” is a haunting and gripping tale with a poignant twist.  9/10


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